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Optimize Your Value, Influence & Visibility with a Charismatic Personal Brand!

"You Discover Treasure Where
Others Find Nothing Unusual"
I found my own Personal Brand serendipitously tucked inside a fortune cookie, when I was just starting my biz, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, after three decades of branding divisions of major corporations, launching countless startups and helping thousands of women and men (in 60 countries), advance their corporate careers and entrepreneurial ventures…

I Still Find the Brand Treasure Hunt So Exhilarating!

I believe everyone can benefit from having a Treasure-Hunting, Personal Brand Intuitive to help them discover and share the BRILLIANCE of their unique Brand.
My introspective, confidence-boosting, Branding process culminates in you falling in love with yourself and your unique gifts…and arms you with clear, concise and compelling messaging, to effortlessly articulate and share your brilliance with those you most want to influence (without feeling like you’re ‘tooting your own horn’)!

"Working with Ellen was one of the best decisions I ever made in my business…"

A Personal Brand’s efficacy should be measured by its ability to create greater influence…and attract more opportunities for success.

A clearly defined and emotionally compelling Personal Brand Story, lets people know what you’re known for knowing, what you’re most passionate about, and how you can help them.

From Aspiring C-suite
Executives to Holistic Healers

My comprehensive, feel-good Branding process has helped all kinds of people succinctly articulate their uniqueness and value and project greater confidence, executive presence and charismatic influence.

View Ellen's 8 Elements of Charismatic Influence
Business Brands Created by Ellen
Become the One People
Like, Trust, Hire & Promote
Whether working with clients one-on-one, or inspiring and motivating large audiences in my popular DIY Personal Branding Webinars and Keynote Talks, as my client, you will become more aware of your impact on others and intentionally build an authentic, compelling and influential Personal Brand that people like, trust, hire & promote.
This is my promise.

Rave Reviews For Ellen

"I tripled my business within a year of working with Ellen!"

And now, a decade later, my brand does all of my selling for me; and I’ve even licensed the “Girls Just Gotta Have Funds” Brand (that Ellen created for me), to other financial planners! Ellen's branding and influence-building process also inspired me to bring more passion, clarity and authenticity to my work.

Sarah Tolson Kim, CFP

Certified Financial Planner

"I never would have thought of it on my own…but Ellen saw my brand so quickly!"

Ellen and her keen insight nailed the exact way to set me and my new business apart from all others in my field. I loved her authenticity, honesty and heart-centered desire to help me see my value more clearly. I never would have thought of it on my own…but Ellen saw my Brand so quickly! It’s perfect; and I am very excited to put it into practice. Armed with Ellen’s insights, I feel much more confident moving forward with my new business.

Gina Reaume, PhD

College Chemistry Professor
and Spiritual Coach

"Ellen is the best at what she does!"

And I have researched and interviewed many in her field. She had a Yoda-like ability to glean the best of me and my coaching business; and the number of business opportunities has increased consistently for the past 5+ years!

Sunil Bhaskaran, EBC

Executive Business Coach

"Ellen Looyen’s Webinar on Personal Branding was truly illuminating!"

She provided an abundance of practical tips and tools, empowering each attendee to embark on their own Branding journey. Her insights were both inspiring and actionable, leaving us all eager to apply what we learned.

Dr. Sheila Robinson, CEO & Publisher

Diversity Woman Media

"If you’re looking for an engaging way to re-energize your career, I highly recommend taking Ellen’s course."

The live webinars were thought-provoking and the interaction with participants from other companies brought a broad perspective to the course. This course enabled me to clarify my career goals and craft a personal branding statement to attract opportunities that align with my goals.

Sue Levins, Director

Finance and Supply Chain Mgt.
Kaiser Permanente